Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike is Out of This World

Finally, proof that we’re not alone – where else could the design of this INgSOC hybrid bike come from but an advanced alien species? The INgSOC combines the aerodynamic shape of a triathlon bike with flexible handling and hybrid tech to create a wild-looking chainless bike that runs in three modes: battery-powered, battery assist, and battery charge mode, where the user powers up the battery by pedaling.

Allegedly the bike was designed by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, but we’re not entirely convinced. The INgSOC’s frame is constructed from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (also widely accepted to be of extraterrestrial origin). A battery powers the motor as well as a headlight and rear tail lights, plus an iPhone charging dock for, you know, phoning home. What do you think of the INgSOC? Check out the sharp details on this bike in the gallery below.