4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia University's College of Architecture and the Built Environment (C_ABE) is looking to consolidate programs currently located across the campus, as well as allow for future growth. This proposal allows for an emphasis on collaboration and highly technical building systems. Reuse of the existing Architecture and Design (A+D) building is key to this proposal because of its central location on campus and the ability to reuse a viable structure. The design strategy for the addition to A+D was to bear onto it from the top and minimize the new footprint by touching down only for structural purpose. The surrounding landscape was also reconsidered to allow for greater connection amongst buildings, as well as include sustainable features such as rain gardens and permeable paving.

Media: AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator


A+D Center Night Rendering


Materials Library

Crit Space/Light Wells


School House Lane View

Site Plan


Level 1

Level 2


Level 3

Level 4


Section, Wall Section, Details


A+D Center Model


A+D Center Model