2N Architectural Design

My name is Nikos Nasis and I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in May 2013 from the nationally ranked College of Architecture and The Built Environment at Philadelphia University.

I am an innovative Architectural Designer with a talent for creating modern, sustainable and interactive spaces. I am genuinely passionate about every aspect of my work and I enjoy pushing myself to explore new media, which allows me to maximize functionality and hospitality. My creativity is exemplified in a variety of ways, from my problem solving skills to the myriad of past projects I have worked on. I believe that listening to the needs of the client is the first step in a successful and well executed plan, and that proper communication throughout the whole process is critical. Always eager to take on new challenges, I am open to opportunities to expand my portfolio and advance my proficiency.

A few of my selected projects from Philadelphia University and a portion of my personal works over the years are available on this site, but feel free to contact me for more information on specific projects and inquiries!


Nikos Nasis, Assoc. AIA [LinkedIn]